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Some days ago I read the article Why I love being a Programmer in Louisville(or, Why I won’t relocate to work for your Startup) by Ernie Miller a Ruby programmer (In Lousville, obviously).

In it, he talks about how his life is different in a small city than a large city (like as NY, SF, etc). I love the post because I'm living a similar situation. Recently I moved to [Cork, Ireland](, because, among other things, I agree what Enrie says.

Before, I was living in Madrid, Spain it's the capital and largest city of Spain. It's an expensive city for common things and much more.

For example. In Madrid these was my expenses per month.

(For two people):

  • Home rent: over 800€ for 50 square meters (no city centre).
  • Bills (Electricity, Water, Gas): 100€
  • ADSL: 40€
  • Mobile: 20€
  • Food & utilities: Over 200-300€ month
  • Leisure: 100€
  • Fuel Deposit: 200€
  • Others (gifts, pet stuff, clothes): 300€

Total amount: 1860€ per month for two people (**930€ each person). More or less. It’s a lot of money nowadays.

At Cork, we're living in a shared house with another couple. It's a good way to save money and to know new people. The house is bigger than our former Madrid's house, over 120 square meters split on two floors and with terrace! for about the same prize! As the town is small, but with everything you need to live and enjoy, we save money for fuel deposit (My car is in Spain), to travel-tickets, and another things, for example, we don't have ADSL because with 20€ per month we have a top-up mobile with unlimited 3G data and free calls. It's quite neccesary for us.

So, In Cork these are our expenses per month:

(For four people):

  • Home rent: 850€ for 120 square meters in city centre.
  • Bills (Electricity, Gas, Water is free in Irleand): 150€

(For two people):

  • Food & utilities: 150€
  • Mobile: 40€
  • Leisure: 150€
  • Plane Tickets (to visit the family): 100€
  • Others: 100€

Total Amount (for each person: 520€) not bad, isn'i it?

So, I'm happy for living in a cheap city because I have everything I need and I save money, specially if your job is Freelance where the money is not the same amount every month.

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